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  • We make raising a puppy easy for you!
  • Age tailored pup toys, treats & training
  • 100% natural dog treats
  • Customised puppy boxes
  • Multi-month plans
  • Free delivery on all orders

Scrufflo - Online Pet Treats and Accessories

Delivered monthly in the post, Scrufflo provides a range of high quality hand and paw picked essentials like 100% natural treats, eco-friendly toys and top training tips based on your pup's stage in their life.

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How It Works:
1. Create a pup profile: Our boxes change with your pup’s changing needs. Puppy development is a very fast process. It can get away from you! Month to month they’ll need different things and we customise our boxes to suit.

2. Decide how long for: How long does your pup need us for? We offer a no commitment rolling month option as well as a 3 and 6 month option. Multi-month plans are paid up front and rolling months renew automatically but can be easily cancelled at any time. All our plans renew automatically until you decide to leave us.

3. To your front door: Let’s keep it simple, ey? Your box will be sent out around the middle of each month which means you’ll get your box a few days after that. If you order on or after the 14th your box will be sent out the following month. Oh, and our shipping is free!

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In The Box:
Treats and toys: High quality treats keep the pups attention focused on you. This is especially helpful during training for distracting them from mischievousness. There are a lot of poor quality treats out there right now. You won’t find any in our boxes though. The treats in our boxes are free from nasties and are ethically sourced.

Toys come in many, many styles and it’s difficult to pick the correct one! There’s soft ones, tough ones, rope ones and puzzle ones. We’ll be sure to send you the best ones for your pup. There are times when you want a little peace and quiet. Chews keep your pup happy and busy long enough for you to repair the house a little!

Training: Each month, a new training guide ensures you and your pup stay on the best possible road to a happy life together. A well trained pup will ensure they respect you, listen to you and be genuinely happier as they feel part of your pack – not to mention how much easier the day-to-day care of them will be!

Our guides range from toilet training to walking obedience and give you a clear understanding of your puppy’s development. Please remember, our guides are just that. Guides. Always consult your Vet for any issues you experience with your puppy.

Accessories: With a new puppy, there is a whole host of new brands, products and knowledge to be aware of. Grooming alone can leave you with many different bottles, brushes and equipment. And then there’s the important matter dressing up the pup, of course!

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