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With Love and Light

Halton Mill
  • Memorial glass art pieces for pets
  • Lovely way to remember a beloved pet
  • Bespoke, hand made glass memorials
  • Respectfully incorporating ashes
  • Each piece is completely unique
  • Donation to RSPCA for every piece sold

With Love and Light

With Love & Light - Memorial Glass Art.

Many people keep ashes because they feel scattering them is so final. Keeping a pinch of ash set in a beautiful glass art piece allows you to remain close to the one you love enabling you to scatter the remaining ashes somewhere meaningful. The light, whether it is natural or from a nightlight brings out the beauty of the glass and these pieces really sparkle making them very special.

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With Love and Light’s unique memorial glass art pieces are designed for the home to either hang in your window or to place on a windowsill, mantlepiece or somewhere significant in your home.

Handmade in our art studio in Lancashire, each piece made is completely unique and the glass can be set into a handmade oak base so that you can keep it somewhere special in your home. We can work together to make sure that the piece that we make for you is unique, special and personalised so please contact us to discuss your project and we will do our best to help.

My Studio
My studio is based in the lovely village of Halton, just outside Lancaster on the River Lune. It’s a calm, light and creative space where I love doing my work.

I hand-make all pieces in the studio from the first sketch to the engraving to the finished piece of memorial glass. The wooden bases that I use come from a village nearby and then I hand finish them before setting the glass pieces into their bases.

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Memorial Glass for Pets

Losing a beloved pet can be awful. They are part of a family and when they pass on it can be hard to adjust to life without them. Creating a fitting memorial for your pet is a lovely way of remembering them and I make a variety of memorials for pets so that you can incorporate their ashes into the glass, and keep the piece in your home to remember them.

Any of my glass pieces can be ordered for a pet’s ashes so take a look through all the different designs on the site. We have designed some that are specifically for pets but you don’t have to stick with them, and if you have any specific ideas and would prefer a personal design, we can discuss it as most ideas are possible. For example, we can attach a collar or collar tags to a base or a design as a keepsake if you would like this.

A donation for every piece of memorial glass sold for pets will be made to the RSPCA.

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