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Dicky Bag Ltd

  • Stop swinging that bag of poo!
  • Award winning and stylish idea
  • Civilised way to carry dog poop!
  • Light weight neoprene container
  • Unique odour prevention seal
  • Check out our treat bags

Dicky Bag Ltd

The Dicky Bag -The Civilised Way to Carry Dog Poop

Travelling with your dog? Picking up and being responsible? Full marks BUT... seriously why are you parading poop around like a trophy! Not enough bins I hear you cry, well sod’s law states that there is never a bin when you need it, which is why the clever owners are investing in The Dicky Bag. The Dicky Bag is an award winning stylish neoprene bag that’s lightweight, airtight, washable and leak proof which can be attached to you or your dog and stores those nasty knotted plastic bags until you find a suitable bin. British invention, Patented design & Hand Made in Cornwall, The Dicky Bag is robust (original prototypes still going after 5 years). No more embarrassing moments, nasty niffs or disgusted looks; with The Dicky Bag poop bags are out of sight and out of mind. Dicky Bag, the civilised way to carry dog poop!

Dicky Bag LtdDicky Bag LtdDicky Bag LtdDicky Bag Ltd

The Dicky Bag ™ is a great looking light weight container with odour prevention for those awkward plastic bags of dog poo... and a store for fresh ones too! It leaves your hands free and prevents inappropriate dumping of plastic bags of dog waste in the town or countryside.

Stop swinging that bag of poo! BAG IT, STASH IT, SEAL IT and enjoy your walk with your hands free.

Dicky Bag LtdDicky Bag LtdDicky Bag Ltd

Odour Prevention Lid With Bag Storage
The Dicky Bag ™ has a unique odour prevention seal, enabling you to carry your dog poo bags without worrying about the smell! The lid has a secure zip, so when closed it stays closed - no awkward and fiddly latches or catches to break or come loose.

What's also great about the lid is it has been purposefully designed to store bio-degradeable plastic pick-up bags. You won't have to remember to bring any with you as we supply them free and ready to go in every Dicky Bag™! And when you do run out you can order new pick-up bags from our

Dicky Bag Ltd

Renewable fragrance disk
Each Dicky Bag ™ comes with a renewable Dicky Disk fragrance card that fits neatly inside your Dicky Bag™ to stop the pong of poop when you do open the unique odour preventing lid!

Treat bags
Our Instant, quick, finger and thumb access to treats has addressed the common problems and flaws customers had with existing nylon treat bags and have received rave reviews from some the of the Country's leading dog trainers.
Existing treat bags are all a variation of very similar design. A nylon bag with a large opening to put your hand in to grab the treats and either a draw string closer a zip or sometimes a snap closing mechanism.

Dicky Bag Ltd

Welcome to Duck Soup
We make exciting and innovative products

We're not inventors, we've not been trained in design, all we do is live. For some reason we've stopped excepting that what is currently on offer is the best we can get; our brains have started to think around problems - perhaps it's in our nature to explore other options - perhaps we aren't typical and rather than follow trends we want to start our own.

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Why do things the same way as everyone else when if we do it our way (which is slightly different) it makes life easier and better. It's as simple as that - it's as simple as Duck Soup.


“Thank you for the prompt service the dicky bag arrived really quickly. My mum and sister bought one for me at the Birmingham NEC xmas fair - we have a great dane and spend lots of time on the north devon beaches where it is a rather long walk back to the bins! We think it is an ingenious idea and wish we would have thought of it ourselves! Rachel Devon”

- Taken from site

“The Dicky Bag is one of those products you buy and then think " How did I cope without it", every where the dogs go, the Dicky Bag goes with them. Also what fantastic customer service this company provides, cannot praise this product and staff enough, Thank you . Lesley Curston”

- Taken from site

“my Dickybag arrived today...quick service thank you......and the Dickybag itself is fab, what a great idea, I have three dogs so it will be well used, what a really fantastic product, can't believe I'd never seen one until last weekend, I'm sure it wont be long before seeing a Dickybag is as common as seeing a dog with a lead, Thank you for improving our walks Cath, Abby, Oscar and Rosie ”

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